Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tom's Stripping! (the floors)

The floor sanding has begun!  We rented a drum sander from Home Depot today and began stripping the floors of 100+ years of dirt and wear.  It's a pretty slow and arduous process.  It's also surprisingly stinky.  There's a smell that's a mix of chemicals and dirt released during the process that can be a bit stomach churning at times.

Tom is doing all of the sanding - I'm not allowed to touch the machine.  My job is to hold the cord so he doesn't run over it with the sander (again).  First he'll sand with a heavy grade sandpaper, then he'll go over it with a finer grade.  After that we'll stain it and then give it a coat or two of polyurethane to protect it.  It's in pretty rough shape in some spots, but that's okay, all those dings and scratches give our floor lots of character!  Here's what it looks like so far...



Side by side comparisons

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