Sunday, July 28, 2013

Doors and floors

Our contractor put on badly-needed new front doors.  The old ones were in such bad shape that on humid days, the wood swelled and we had a hard time getting them to close so we could lock them.  We were very happy to see them go!  Unfortunately, the transom over the top of them was pretty rotted and in bad shape as well, so we won't be able to re-use the original, but we are getting a new replacement. 

The sanding of the floors continues.  This week we're going to stain and polyurethane the one half of the floor we sanded, and then next week we'll continue with sanding the other half.  It's slow going, but it's well worth the time and sweat investment.

We also got another teacher on board this week!  Her name is Jenn Horvath, and she's a fine arts teacher at Phillipsburg High School.  She's a nationally award winning potter, and she's really excited to help us set our pottery studio up and teach classes.

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