Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Through the lens of time...

I bought two really cool vintage (c. 1950's) cameras today from a very nice young man named Dan.  I found them through our local Craigslist and got the idea that it would be great to make these available to photographers for rent.  Not everybody has access to these types of cameras, and it would be a unique service we could offer.  They could then develop the film in our darkroom.  It's win-win!

Anyway, in talking to Dan, I found out that these cameras had belonged to his grandfather, James Steager, who was a very talented photographer and taught Dan all about the art of photography.  James lived in Fountain Hill for many years and left his cameras to his grandson when he passed away.  When I told Dan about our studio, and my idea about getting these into the hands of photographers, he smiled and said his grandfather would have loved that!  I love it, too.  It's continuing a legacy that began in Fountain Hill with a talented guy who loved photography, and has come full circle to continue right here in Fountain Hill.  Every time someone picks up one of these cameras, I know that James will be smiling, and that makes me smile, too.

Mamiyaflex twin lens reflex camera
Same kind of camera used by one of my favorite photographers, Diane Arbus
Graflex Century camera, c. late 1950's

Graflex cameras were popular with press photographers

We'll also be renting out this new Holga camera - the camera so bad, it's good!

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