Friday, May 3, 2013

Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Right??

Things are progressing - albeit a little slowly right now! 

The floor plugs are done, except for the surprise ones we'll no doubt find when we move some large things around. 

The brickwork is getting done.  Another repair was completed - the back wall right near the elevator had missing bricks and a large crack. 

After!  Fresh coat of paint and it will look great!
Looking down you could see all the missing bricks.  This is right above the back doors downstairs and when they replaced those doors, they used a wood lintel- not nearly strong enough to hold the weight.  They also didn't fill the brick in properly, causing the large crack.

Much better!
Keith reinforced everything with TWO concrete lintels above the downstairs doors!

He also added a new cinder block surround for added support.  He does beautiful work!
We're working on the classroom area, too:

Prepping for new drywall, and the framing in the center is going to be removed to open it up into one large room.

Scraping paint off the windowpanes in the classroom, letting the beautiful natural light in!  Love the old "wavy" glass.

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