Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Those Blasted Walls!

The classroom area has been gutted and prepped for new drywall.  The hooded vent was taken down, too.  It looks much larger now with everything gone!

The sandblasting of the basement walls was done last week.  What a disgusting, messy process!  Even though the basement was completely tarped (see blog entry "Dexter's Kill Room?"), the sand and dust got EVERYWHERE, including upstairs. 

We're thinking of opening our own private beach with the upcoming heat wave...
we certainly have enough sand and water leaking in to do it!

The cobwebs got a good coating of dust so now they look even more disgusting. 
This looks like something from Herman Munster's house.

But, all the mess was worth it, because the stones look pretty good!  Below are some before and after pictures.

Now all the mortar has to be re-pointed.  Not something we can do ourselves, unfortunately.  Cha- ching!

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