Friday, April 26, 2013

Everyone's an Artist...

...even dairy farmers and CPA's!

One of the things we've learned along our journey as we talk to more and more people about our little venture, is that everyone seems to have an innate desire to create. 

Yesterday morning two older gentlemen came to our building all the way from Susquehanna County to pick up the tanker desks that we sold on eBay.  They weren't very talkative or overly-friendly, but certainly not rude, either – all business. "I guess they just don't emote" as Tom put it.  It was a transaction with very few words exchanged…until one of them, who had mentioned in passing that he’s a dairy farmer, asked what we were going to use the building for.  When we told him it was going to be an art studio, we fully expected the glazed-over look and the nodding head response that we sometimes get from people who think we’re crazy, but to our surprise his whole demeanor changed.  His eyes seemed to light up and a small smile crossed his lips.  He went on to tell us that he’s taking a photography class, and his daughter, a CPA who bought the desks for her office, is taking a drawing class. 

We’ve discovered people from all walks of life who have one thing in common - a passion to create something beautiful:  the architect we’ve known for years, but never knew was a pottery major in college because he gave it up when his kids and his new career came along; the veterinarian who regrets that she never pursued her desire to learn how to paint; the retired guy who dreams of opening a bookstore and draws sketches of birds on little scraps of paper; and now we can add a dairy farmer from Susquehanna County who wants to take better pictures and his CPA daughter who wants to draw. 
From the crudest drawings on prehistoric cave walls to the post-modern movement, art remains a powerful way for a person to communicate the human experience. The idea that this is not the sole province of the "formal" art establishment of critics, art professors, and professionals - indeed, that everyone is an artist, is what our project is all about.

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