Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A little light in the darkness

After months and months of searching, and almost giving up, we finally found some darkroom equipment we needed!  Score!  Yesterday we purchased a revolving darkroom door and a film drying cabinet from Easton Area High School.  Sadly, their darkroom has closed because the teacher retired and they are not replacing him, so they are selling off the equipment. 

We were getting ready to bid on a revolving door on eBay and
take a 4 hour drive to Maryland to pick it up, when we
saw Easton H.S. advertise this one on Craigslist. 
It's the perfect size and in fantastic condition.

We had almost bought the identical film cabinet from a guy in
upstate New York and were going to drive up there to pick it up,
but it had some problems so we passed on it. 
This one is in MINT condition!

We also purchased a like-new safe light from the high school.  Our darkroom is just about complete!

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