Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Tom Did on His Summer Vacation, Part Deux

Our "gardener" was back today and he really worked hard to start the transformation we plan for the front of the building.  It's amazing what edging will do for a place!

It's shaping up slowly, but let's take a walk down memory lane to re-visit what it looked like when we first bought the place:




The next steps to our transformation include painting the front façade (meeting with two painters tomorrow), replacing the front doors (meeting with a contractor tomorrow), replacing the awning (already on order) and mounting a lighted sign on the front of the building. 

Other stuff we did today:

Tom continued to work his asphalt off today sealing the foundation.

More painting!
Found this graffiti scratched into the bricks under the area I was
painting.  Really...these kids think it's spelled "asshoal?" 
What's the world coming to if kids can't even spell dirty
words right anymore? I weep for the future.

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