Saturday, January 19, 2013

Going, going...


The offices are finally gone, and boy, does it really open the space up!  Tom's been a busy boy, and the fruits of his labor are evident.



Many thanks to his brother Brian for his help.

The remaining wall in the front is going to stay put for a while for privacy.  Without it people could look in the front doors and see straight back to the rear of the building.  Once we're ready to refinish the floors it will have to come out.

Next project: ordering a dumpster to get rid of all the debris we've accumulated.  Hopefully it will be large enough to hold all of our crap, plus all the crap people will dump in it at night.  Any tips on preventing people from dumping their crap in our dumpster are welcome.

Once we clear everything out, we can move on to our next project which, if this meme is true, will clearly be taking a nap.

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