Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This is our narrative of the renovation of our future art studio.  You'll be able to track our progress from beginning to end, and maybe give us some much-needed encouragement along the way! 

Just some background info for those of you who don't already know...we purchased an old textile mill in Fountain Hill, a few blocks from our house.  It's 8,100 square feet and pretty damn cool, but it's in dire need of some TLC, lots of elbow grease and some creative ideas to make it into what we envision, which is a multi-faceted art studio housing painting and drawing studio space, a darkroom area and a pottery studio.  We hope you can see the possibilities the building holds, too.

From what we can gather, it was originally built as a satellite location for the Chipman Knitting Mills, the main factory located in West Easton.  We figure it was built sometime between 1870's and 1890's, but my friend Lu is doing some research and will hopefully find some more concrete information. 

What we know is that the building, as previously mentioned, was a knitting mill for years, then a fur store, then functioned as National Wholesale Grocery Co. and then in 1974 became Valley Graphics Printing until they sold it to us.  Now we'll become part of the building's legacy when we open The Art Establishment next year.

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