Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rome wasn't built in a day...

...if it was we would have hired the same contractor!

Why have we been away from this blog for so long, you might ask?  Well, it’s because we’ve been super busy getting stuff done!  Our new contractor is amazing, and we’ve accomplished an incredible amount of things in the last couple of months and are delighted to share them with you!

The handicap ramp is done!

The mat cutting station is built!

The elevator is being prepped for gallery lighting

The gallery windows are covered and ready for painting

The furniture for the lounge is bought!  Black leather sofa, love seat, chair and large ottoman (we'll use it as a
coffee table).  So comfortable!

The classroom has walls and doors!

The darkroom is getting set up!

Custom-built enlarger tables

Darkroom sink set up

New tile and lighting in foyer

Front offices are almost done

Pottery studio is beginning to take shape!

5 brand new pottery wheels delivered!

Back basement wall paneled and painted

All emergency lighting installed

Just for fun, this is how the foyer looked when we first bought the place...

This is after we pulled the linoleum and paneling off...

And today!

Some of the other things we've done/are being done:

Phone and internet service hooked up
Alarm system to be installed in the next week or two
Website being worked on
Basement floor will be painted next week
Gallery lighting getting installed in next week or two
A million other little things