Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Floor Show with Stripping and Bad Language

We’re finally moving on to refinishing the other half of the upstairs floor!  Once again, Tom rented a sander from Home Depot to do the job.  This one looked like it was almost brand new, unlike the ones we used previously which looked like Abe Lincoln might have used them to refinish his entire log cabin.  The power cord on this one was pristine; not a hint of electrical tape on it from someone running it over with the sander…until Tom got a hold of it.  Now there are two, that’s right, two pieces of electrical tape on the cord.  I won’t repeat some of the language he used when he ran over it (twice) since this is a family-friendly blog, but it was not pretty.  I was shocked and highly offended.

Goodbye to a century of dirt!

There were some floorboards rotted from water damage, which Tom ingeniously patched with wood paneling he ripped out from the bathroom.

Tom's sign to keep people off the naked wood (insert joke here). Someone's been watching too much
Monty Python and the Holy Grail/Game of Thrones

Shhhhh...maybe Home Depot won't even notice!
Stripped and un-stripped wood side by side.